Water Softener Plant

  1. Water Softener Plant

    • Water Softener Plant is used for improving qualities of water by removing heavy metals and replacing them with monovalent ions.
    • It is known to work on principle of using ion exchange polymer resins that have been enclosed in strong polycarbonate housing.
    • This softener plant helps in improving cleaning ability of soaps and preventing damage to skin.
    • It is widely utilized in hotels, restaurants, & hospitals for laundry purpose.
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  2. Water Softener

    • Water Softener is water treatment system which is used to exchange calcium & magnesium ions for bicarbonate & sodium ones.
    • This activity is achieved with use of organic ion-exchange resins that carry anionic functional group on their surface.
    • It is also known to prevent scale build-up in your plumbing system thus enhancing durability.
    • In comparison to hard water, soft one is required in significantly less volume for washing hence it can also help in saving water.
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