Commercial RO Plant

  1. Commercial RO System

    • Commercial RO System is completely suitable to be installed in textile, fermentation, brewing, and cosmetic industries.
    • It is required for removing heavy metals, suspended solids, and dissolved impurities from feed water.
    • This activity of reverse osmosis system is carried out by passing water through a series of semi-permeable membranes at constant pressure.
    • It is completely automatic in nature hence assures utmost reliability & durability.
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  2. Commercial RO Water Plant

    • Commercial RO Water Plant is known for having ability to produce clear, safe, & mineralized water from municipal supply.
    • It employs use of special filter candles and booster pump for assuring constant pressure of flowing water.
    • This plant has been equipped with a high quality UV source which kills all pathogens by penetrating into their cell wall.
    • It is ideal for those sectors that require constant supply of filtered water at high rate.
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  3. Commercial RO Plant

    • Commercial RO Plant is a system of primary, secondary, and tertiary filter membranes through which water passes one by one for filtering.
    • It is also provided with activated carbon filter which assures removal of bad odor & undesirable color if present in feed water.
    • This plant produces water which is entirely safe for cooking & drinking purpose. It is ideal to be installed in food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
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